Junior Author of the Term Competitions

Illustrator Competition

Imagine that there are new editions coming out for three of Jacqueline Wilson’s books. There is a competition to design a new front cover for each of the books. Our advice is to look at the style of illustration for Jacqueline Wilson books before you start out. You can choose between the three titles, or have a go at more than one of the titles if you wish. The cover illustration should be A5 size (half of A4). If you find this scale difficult to work with then you could use A4 and we could then use our school photocopier to produce an A5 version of your entry for the competition. Think about the lettering and layout as well as your main illustration. The three  ‘new edition’ books for the illustrator’s competition are:

  • The Monster Story Teller
  • Paws and Whiskers
  • The Dinosaur’s Packed Lunch.

Story Writing Competition

Jacqueline Wilson often writes realistic stories about growing up. Many of her stories are based on children’s lives in and out of school. Using the blurb below to get you thinking, create a story between 500 and 1,000 words in a Jacqueline Wilson style. The story is to be titled ‘Revealed!’


None of the teachers knew of this incident, all of the children had kept it a secret.  Only, in the middle of the Year 6 Leaver’s Assembly, was this amazing story  revealed! Read the book and find out what really happened on that  incredible day back in Year 3!’