Junior Author of the Term Competition- Anthony Horowitz

500 Word Detective Story

Anthony Horowitz has produced a series of books based on the Diamond Brothers investigations. Tim Diamond is the world’s worst private detective.       Everything that he does seems to go wrong… Very much the Mr Bean of crime investigation. When Tim set’s out to find a rich lady’s pedigree Siamese cat, he actually runs it over on his way to see her. What mystery could you invent for Tim to solve? (Or mess up as usual!)

Tim’s younger brother, Nick, is the quick-thinking, wisecracking member of the team who never seems to take things too seriously.

Our author of the term short story competition is to create a short story (of no more than 500 words) based on an investigation to be carried out by the Diamond Brothers.

Think about the following questions to help you with your story planning:

  • What crime has taken place?
  • Where has the crime taken place?
  • Who was involved? When did it happen?
  • What is the title of your story? Anthony Horowitz sometimes creates puns using famous books or titles (eg The Falcon’s Malteser (not Maltese Falcon) or The French    Confection (instead of French Connection). Could you use this strategy to create or inspire a story title of your own?
  • What are the clues or leads that the Diamond Brothers have when embarking on their case?
  • How do they mess it up?
  • How can you use your knowledge of the main characters to bring the story to life? Or to add elements of humour?
  • What is the final outcome?

Illustrator Competition – Front Cover Design

Imagine that Anthony Horowitz’s publishers would like to re-print three of his best-selling books with new front cover designs.

The three books are Eagle Strike, Snakehead and Scorpia.


Our illustrator competition is to re-design the front cover for one of these books.

As the illustrator it is helpful if you have fully read the book and essential that you at least have the synopsis for the story.

You should work your illustration around the front cover Anthony Horowitz book frames that are  provided for the competition.