Infant Author of the Term Competitions

Dr Seuss   (Reception and Infants)

There will be TWO competitions open this term for our reception and infant children, both linked to Dr Seuss (our Author of the Term).

The first competition is to simply create a ‘Cat in the Hat.’ This could be a picture or painting based on the character, or a collage or model of the Cat in the Hat, or a glove puppet, or  even a photograph of yourself dressed up and face painted as the Cat in the Hat!

We will put up a fantastic Cat in the Hat display in the school hall, as well as presenting prizes and  certificates for everybody who enters.

If you choose to draw or paint a picture, our advice is to look at several pictures of the character and then create your own  original picture rather than simply copying a picture from the book.

The second competition is to create your own title and front cover for a ‘new Dr Seuss book’ based on his use of rhyme and his love of animal characters.  Dr Seuss most famously wrote books such as The Cat in the Hat and Fox in Socks.  Could yours be the Goat in the Coat or a Giraffe with a Scarf?  Dr Seuss titles often have clear and simple lettering and fabulous cartoon      characters. See if you can not only think of a catchy title, but illustrate your front cover in the style of Dr Seuss.  If you want to, you could also write the story!

With either competition it’s fine to have some help from your parents, or grandparents. You could create your Cat in the Hat or front cover on your own or with a friend.

The deadline for entries is Friday 22nd June 2018.