Historical cartoons, Acrostics, Happy Anniversary and an update on Saturn V!

This week I’ve received lots of superb acrostics poems and several cartoons for our historical time line competition. Anton also created a beautiful card to celebrate our recent 60th Anniversary, and Oliver (who celebrated his birthday on Tuesday) is making an incredible Saturn V rocket, and sent me a couple of pictures capturing his progress.

Finn proudly displays his acrostics poem (Mr Jones and Mr Oswin are also very impressed by the shirt!)
Rory is also very proud of his Thank You NHS Acrostics poem!
Anton’s amazing pop-out Anniversary card!
Our children in school have produced an amazing collaborative symmetrical picture with Mrs Kerr and Mrs Carmichael
Rory (Captain America) learning his French! (Apologies Rory, I meant to post this last week!)
The Saturn V model is actually taller than Oliver! It’s coming along really well, can’t wait to see it when it’s finished.
Matilda has really brought the solar system to life!
Ava has drawn a cartoon for The Great Fire of London
Rory has drawn a fantastic picture of the Tutankhamun Death Mask
Phoenix has also had great fun with his superb Tutankhamun Death Mask
Alice has produced a War of The Roses illustration
Naomi has created a fantastic Guy Fawkes drawing.
Oliver’s Saturn V looks ready for take off!
Olivia has produced a series of excellent Stone Age cartoons
Olivia has also drawn an impressive Viking longship
Hazel has produced a stunning Stonehenge cartoon.
Claire has drawn a cheerful Stone Age man
Hannah has drawn Henry VIII with great attention to costume detail.
Fergus has completed a range of historical cartoons
Hamish has also had great fun with his historical cartoons
Hina has drawn an amazing Victorian ballroom scene
Hannah has drawn the Egyptian God, Horus.
Jack has had fun with his Roman soldier.
Isla has drawn the Church of St George in Corfu
Megan has focused on the Stone Age
Mia has captured the Great Fire of London
Rose has produced a silhouette on fire for her Great Fire of London



Mirrors are shiny

I love ice-cream shaped mirrors

Reflect yourself

Rainbows shining in

On a rainy day

Right now we can play with mirrors

Start collecting mirrors

Matilda (Year R)



Cheetahs running fast

Heart pounding

Even though they’re hot

Every cheetah is a great hunter

Tail blowing in the wind

Annabel’s favourite animal


Annabel E (Year 2)




All around,

In windows,

Nice and



Wet or sunny days they will make us


Megan (Year 4)




Only seeing family,

Cakes being baked,

Keeping two-metre distance,

Doing school work at home,

Outside exercise once a day,

Waiting for news,

News that will say we’re out of lockdown.

Hannah (Year 4)


Thank You NHS

The most amazing support

Helpful to all

A big thank you should be given every second of the day

Nice people who risk their lives to save yours

Key workers should be called S.M.A.R.T : Society’s Most Amazing Risk Takers

You can count on them to help you through being ill

Open every day and every night for you

Understands you and reassures you


NHS workers are stars to us


Super kind to everyone who goes to hospital

Chloe (Year 4)



Skyswood is a brilliant school,

Kind friends all around,

Yummy food from the wonderful cook, Mrs McCarthy,

Sixty years of fabulous learning,

We love our extraordinary teachers,

Our school is full of fun activities,

Oh, how much I love Camping Night at school,

Disco parties are the best!

Ana (Year 1)


Home Learning

Home Learning

On Google Classroom,

Mr Jones sets us work

Every day!


Learning from home to keep us safe,

English and Art,

And Geography,

Reading, Maths, Science and Spell to Excel,

Nationwide lockdown keeping us in our homes,

Internet keeping us connected,

Notes through the door from my friends,

Going out to exercise once a day!

Finn (Year 5)



Matilda, you are my bestest friend,

And I miss you really much.

Topic makes you smile.

I like to play with you,

Lovely hair shining in the sun,

Dancing is your favourite thing,

A fantastic girl.

Eva (Year R)



Covid-19 is veeeeerrrrrry dangerous,

Only one person per family is allowed in a shop at a time,

Virus I wish you were gone,

Instead you stay and spread,

Days have passed and nothing has changed in lockdown.


Never go out more than once a day says the government,

I wish that wasn’t a thing,

Never did I think I would miss my friends, my teacher and my school so much,

Even though I get time to play with Ariella every day,

The days are still quite boring,

Every day gets longer,

Every day we still try to do fun activities,

Now I hope it’s soon over and done, goodbye Covid -19.

Carmel (Year 4)



It’s becoming a crisis

Schools closed down

Our government underestimated how bad this could be

Lots of people need help

Aid organisations wrapping up food

The nation responds confidently

Illness spreading across the world

Optimistic scientists will find a cure

Now all is well and the world will be peaceful once more

Nicholas (Year 3)


Thank You NHS

Thank you key workers for

Helping fight the coronavirus,

And saving lives,

Never stopping working,

Keep on helping us please,

You are the most important people

On Earth right now, it’s

Unbelievable how brave you are!

Neighbourhoods clap on Thursdays so you

Hear us cheer for you,

So again…Thank you very much!

Rory (Year 2)



Fabulous flowers all around me,

Lovely colours of their petals,

Open my eyes in the beautiful garden,

Wonderful, shiny leaves on flowers make my eyes happy,

Red roses are my favourite.

Eva (Year R)



Isaac is the best brother in the world,

Smiling every day and way,

A lovely game player,

A boy that never gives up,

Clever little brother.

Ana (Year 1)



Eva is my kind and lovely sister,

Vocal all the time,

She is the one who makes me smile.

Ana (Year 1)