A Magical Christmas Jigsaw

Our Year 3 and 4 children wowed us with their incredible tale of The Magical Christmas Jigsaw. Their highly entertaining adaption of the Nativity started off with the market sellers offering their wares. The Toy seller then presented some enthusiastic children with a magical jigsaw and, piece by piece,  the story of Baby Jesus started to unfold. The children brought the songs to life with their animated  performances and outstanding efforts. From marching Romans to the untrustworthy King Herod, everybody showed great confidence upon the stage and  a particular mention must go to Gabriel for his convincing portrayal of the wicked King Herod, and  to Hannah for her beautiful solo verses in The Forgotten Toys. The shepherds had great fun when  they had to  ‘run with haste to       Bethlehem, ‘ but it was clearly well worth it…  they arrived to hear news of the birth of Baby Jesus. Well done to all of the children on putting on such a polished performance and sharing the message through their jigsaw of the true meaning of Christmas.