Harry Potter Moon Frames!

This week I’ve chosen a popular subject for our children… Harry Potter!

I have recorded a short video (11 mins) to give a few tips on how to create a Harry Potter Moon Frame Perspex-Print.

The idea is to draw and paint a silhouette of a ‘flying character’ within the frame of the moon, using a Perspex-print background (which gives a mythical feel to the picture, and is great fun when you see the wonderful textures emerge as you separate the two Perspex sheets).

  1. Take a moon frame template and paint it with a yellow wash. Alternatively, you could just keep your moon-frame white if you would prefer a white moon.,

2. Whilst your yellow paint is drying, squeeze a few small blobs of paint (I have chosen purple and black as they go well with the purple card/sugar paper.) If you have your own poster paints at home you choose whichever colours you think would suit your picture.

3. Now lay the second sheet of Pesrpex on top of this. Press gently in the areas where you have blobbed the paint, so that the paint spreads out as much as possible (see picture below:)

4. Peel off the top sheet of Perspex carefully. The suction between the two sheets creates amazing tree-like shapes that are fantastic for printing!

5. You can either place your card or sugar paper carefully on top of either Perspex sheet, or you could place the sheet (paint side down) on top of your sugar paper/card. Either way would give you a good print. A tip would be to keep the paper or Perspex as still as possible whilst you press gently down to ensure that the paint transfers to your sugar paper/card.

6. Allow your print to dry and then stick your moon-frame onto the picture using a pritt stick or PVA.

7. Now you are ready to draw your Harry Potter character. I think dementors are perfect as they have the wispy trails that look very effective in front of a full moon. You may, however, prefer to draw Harry, Hermione or Ron Weasley on a broomstick… or even Voldermort! The character choice is up to you. Make it a silhouette. The black poster paint and a thin paintbrush would be a sensible choice, although you could use any medium (black pen, colouring pencil, pastel or charcoal).

8. I then trimmed and mounted my picture on white paper just to finish it off!

I have created some ‘Potter Packs’ for anybody who would like to give this a go. These can be collected from the school office.

They consist of;

1 piece of purple card/sugar paper

Purple and black bottles of poster paint

A set of watercolour paints

A moon-frame

Two Perspex sheets

If there are siblings who each wish to create a Harry Potter Moon Frame Perspex-Print, then please ask for an extra piece of purple card/sugar paper (or three sheets if there are three of you), but please share ONE pack as we have limited numbers of Perspex sheets and purple paint!

Our infant bubble would like to have a go at this on Friday, so once you have finished with your Perspex and paint we would be very grateful if you could pop it back into the office so that our infant bubble have sufficient Perspex and paint for their art lesson on Friday.

Many thanks, have fun!