Happy New Year! Lets start recycling!

Happy New Year everybody!

We hope you have had a lovely Christmas break.

Our topic this term is Recycling.

We will be looking into how to reuse, reduce and recycle a variety of everyday materials.

To complete our research we would like your help collecting these materials:-

newspapers, plastic bottles with lids, clothes (2 items each – to cut up and use creatively), magazines, foil dishes, packaging with lettering on.

Dates to remember…

January 15th – Book swap day

We are  going to hold a book swap, for this we will encourage the children to bring in one book they would like to swap with their friends.

January 31st – Chinese New Year

February 14th – End of half term

At the end of the term we will also encourage the children to bring in one item they no longer want and would like to donate to our local charity shop The Children’s Society.

Thank you for all your help.

Have a fantastic term!