Greenhouse Project- Plastic Bottles Needed!

The School Council are on a mission to build a new greenhouse for Mrs Devereux, Mr Davies and our Environmental Club. This will be no ordinary             greenhouse, as it will be made using 1,500 plastic     bottles! The bottles should be two litre bottles and it would help if you could remove the labels before sending them in. Darall and Iona (Year 3) are going to lead the project. They will be visiting Fleetville Junior School to find out about how to construct the greenhouse, along with Mr Bridle and Mr Newton. Plastic bottles should be brought into your child’s class rather than the office. We are going to see which class can collect the most! When we have collectively gathered our total of 1,500 bottles then the construction can begin. The bottles will be linked using garden canes and a wooden structure. We will collect from the start of October and aim to have enough bottles by the end of the autumn term!