Goodbye Llandudno. We’re Coming Home!

Twenty past seven on a wet, grey morning. Rooms are slowly stirring after the excitement of yesterday’s fun centre and disco. Half an hour until breakfast and then we’ll be giving the rooms a last check to make sure nobody has left behind any cameras, rucksacks, socks, pants, mementoes or children. Mr Newton and Mr Bridle have returned from their morning jog and are also packing meticulously to ensure that all returns to Skyswood.  We’ve all had a wonderful week, one that we will always remember! Now keen to have breakfast, board coach, wave a fond goodbye and ultimately be reunited with our families. Pleased that we did this after SATS week and linked to a much deserved half-term break. Will text Mrs Foster at regular intervals during moments of consciousness on the coach home, and give you updates on our travel status! Have a lovely day, look forward to seeing you later! Internet access will no longer be available. We hope that you have enjoyed our updates. This is our final post!

x x x