Global Partnership with School in India

Skyswood have been twinned with the Bharathi Vidyalaya School in India and are looking forward to developing a long lasting and productive school partnership. Our partners are currently in the process of sending us information about their school, families and community. We have asked our junior aged pupils to complete a task for next week’s Learning Log, sharing information about themselves (e.g. their hobbies, school life, home life, pets, local community etc.) The children have been given some guidance on this and we look forward to sharing this information with our partner school in India.

The partnership will also involve sharing information and resources about festivals, art and our respective curriculums. The British Council are keen to sponsor the partnership and we will be able to incorporate many aspects of our partnership into our Geography Unit on India (Year 4).

Children at Bharathi Vidyalaya learn English as their main language within their school and also have good facilities for ICT, which will help us to make the very most of the partnership. We look forward to receiving some great homework next week and putting this together as a special package for the students in Bharathi Vidyalaya!