Florence Nightingale Inspires Year 2!

Our Year 2 Florence Nightingale Day on 21st October was a fantastic success. The children all dressed up appropriately for the occasion and had the opportunity to participate in a number of craft activities. The children made lockets, clay candle holders and a special Scutari Hospital sash. They also made water colour postcards. In the afternoon, the class enjoyed various role play activities. They played the part of nurses and patients, and found out about the importance of being self sufficient through learning about gardening, cooking and basic hygiene. The children also had the opportunity to match six suitcases (by looking carefully at the contents) to six historical characters of the time. The class really enjoyed the experience and thought carefully about how medicines and hospitals were very different in the days of Florence Nightingale to how they are now. Many thanks also to the wonderful group of parents (also dressed appropriately!) who helped us out throughout the day. The experience has really inspired the children with their current history project.