Fifty Families join up for our Remote Quiz!

It was a lovely way to round off this half-term with our first ever ‘remote’ school quiz. Thanks to Mr Oswin for taking charge of the technology. We hope that our families enjoyed the quiz and were delighted to see around fifty families taking part.

It was also lovely to see so many of the children dancing around to the final round (on Disney and Pixar songs.) Congratulations to Willow and the Bennett family, who won with the grand total of 75 points. It was a close final result, with several families scoring totals in the sixties or low seventies.

Congratulations to the estimation skills of the Days, the Bennetts and the Wildmans (on winning our wild question prizes), with the Birkins also coming very close with their estimate of palettes in the stick area!

The Scavenger Hunt was also lots of fun for us, watching as cats, rats, guinea pigs, dogs and some very impressive cuddly toys appeared on the screen. Congratulations to the Lamings for winning the Scavenger Hunt and to the Lee-Youngs for having the most compliant pet (This was hard to judge with us quickly scanning so many images)… if anybody had a hippo, giraffe, elephant or gorilla that we might have missed, please let us know and we’ll see if we can sort out an additional prize.

The aim was, of course, to have some fun together. We were delighted that so many of you joined us and hope that you all had an enjoyable evening.