Diwali- Festival of Light Trail

Following the fun and creativity shown by our children this week when learning about Diwali, we are confident that many of our children and families will take this a step further and enjoy the Diwali Festival of Lights Trail within our community this weekend. The children had great fun making their own divas and rangoli patterns this week, and a big thank you must go to  two of our parents, Preet and Bhavisha, who kindly presented all of our children with tea-lights for their divas and shared some fantastic resources to enable our children to find out about Diwali from both the Hindu and the Sikh perspectives.

Diwali celebrates the triumph good over evil, when Rama and Sita are reunited after being banished from their kingdom. Sikhs celebrate Bandi Chhor Divas which is the day that Guru Har Gobind (the sixth Guru) was released from prison in AD 1619. Sikhs remember that Guru Har Gobind refused to leave prison alone and that he freed 52 Rajas (Kings) who  held on to the tails of the guru’s cloak. Thank you also to Preet for also organising the Diwali Festival of Lights Trail. Hopefully the weather will improve over the course of the weekend!