Cartoons, Goldsworthy-style art, poetry and Thank a Teacher Day!

Monday celebrated Thank a Teacher Day and Year 4 presented Miss McAlister with a memorable poster and collaborative picture. We’ve also had our first piece of Goldsworthy-inspired art (thank you Jacob) some excellent poems and a Pete McKee inspired set of cartoons.

Thank You Miss McAlister!
A wonderful collective effort from Year 4!
Hamish and Fergus’s Pete McKee inspired cartoons
Jacob’s Goldsworthy-style art- A monster sitting on a cactus (ouch!) under the sunset!
Carmel has produced this wonderful Mayan totem pole for our history time line
Hannah’s I Remember, I Remember Poem
Megan’s I Remember, I Remember poem

I remember I remember when I was…
I remember I remember when I was one falling asleep in a pool in Spain​
I remember I remember when I was two eating snow and saying it was “sgustin” ​
I remember I remember when I was three in Euro Disney falling out of bed so many times I ended up sleeping on the floor ​
I remember I remember when I was four jumping and spinning around to one of the Nursery Christmas play songs and broke my elbow-I was told to be careful!​

I remember I remember when I was five I was officially in the best school​
I remember I remember when I was six making pizza in Year 1
I remember I remember when I was seven we found the best opticians that actually helped  ​
I remember I remember when I was eight at a school disco me and Hannah became best friends  ​
I remember I remember when I was nine doing my first comedian show​
I will treasure these memories forever. ​
Chloe (Year 4)

In my box I will keep…
The feeling of sinking into a fluffed up pillow,
The warmth of arms wrapping round me in a hug,
The sound of a content cat purring,
The smell of my childhood dolls,
The refreshing feeling of plunging into an ice-cold pool,
The satisfaction of completing a project,
The smell of Ima’s perfume,
The feeling of a brand new book,
The giggles and tears of looking back over the years,
The sound of Ima and Daddy’s laptops closing after a day’s work,

The feeling of the sun warming you through to the core,
The safety of my very pink bedroom,
The strongest love of my family,
The excitement of seeing everyone again after lockdown,
The proudness of beating my personal best,
The feeling of wind rushing through my hair as I race towards the sea,
The unique personalities of my friends,
The feeling of a community brought together by Covid-19,
The excitement and happiness of Jewish festivals,
The laughter and fun of play leading.
Ariella (Year 6)
Our Historical Time Line is nearing completion. Here is the section between the Vikings and Florence Nightingale.
Rory’s Tutankhamun Death Mask
Isla’s Egyptian mummy!
Finn’s Zeus (king of the Greek Gods)
Thomas’ Roman soldier
Willow’s Anglo Saxon
Hamish’s Viking and Olivia’s long ship.
Olivia’s barrels of gunpowder
Ava’s Great Fire of London picture
Hina’s Victorian ballroom
Oliver’s astronaut (the camera is at a funny angle, the boots aren’t really that big!)
A section of Carmel’s Mayan totem pole
Hazel’s Bronze Age pot
Hazel’s Stonehenge
Fergus’ Stone Age Man
The Stone Age Section (by the stock cupboards)