Calling our creative parents… Would anybody like to join our costumes and props team?

With the children having returned to school, and with a view of the proposed ‘road map’, we are delighted to say that we’ll be auditioning our Year 6 children for main parts in our Lion King production (scheduled to be performed at the Sandpit Theatre on Thursday 8th and Friday 9th July). We’d love to be quite ambitious with costumes and props and would love to invite any parents who would like to be part of our Lion King team to join us in planning and creating some fabulous Lion King costumes (and props). Parents wouldn’t necessarily have to be parents of our Year 6 children, if you have an interest or talent with costumes and props, or if you’d just like to lend a hand, then please get in touch with either Mr Bridle or Mr Oswin. We are all very excited about the prospect of putting this show together!