Butterflies,Poetry and the Digestive System!

A big thank you to Hannah, Megan and Daniel for their amazing butterflies (both stained glass butterflies and their imaginative species!) Also, a big thank you to Robbie for his fabulous lockdown poem and to Samuel for his superb life-size model of the digestive system!

Daniel’s brilliant Earth butterfly and stained glass design.
Hannah’s amazing Japanese Silk Ribbon Butterfly and beautifully symmetrical stained glass species!
Megan’s magnificent Fire Butterfly and sensational stained glass design
Samuel’s incredible cardboard model of the digestive system

I didn’t know I’d miss

I didn’t know I’d miss-

Battered fish fillet on Fridays

and the smell of quorn hot dog in the lunch hall. 

I didn’t know I’d miss-

Mrs Lewis’s lovely smile

and Miss Harvey saying ‘furious!’

I didn’t know I’d miss-

Pretending to skate on the frosty playground 

and building dens in the stick area.

I didn’t know I’d miss-

sneaking next to Tommy B in class

And hoping Mrs Lewis wouldn’t notice 

I didn’t know I’d miss-

awards assembly 

and Mr Bridle’s funny stories

I didn’t know I’d miss-

Sheltering from the sun next to year three classroom

And swinging my feet on the exercise machine

I didn’t know I’d miss-

the adults at Replay

and racing Oliver to get our favourite toy first.

I didn’t know I’d miss-

walking through the woods to school everyday

but I do NOT miss the mud!

By Robbie