Black history month – Ruby Bridges

It is Black History month this month so today the children have been learning about a very brave little girl called Ruby Bridges. She was the same age as the older children in our class (6 years old) when she integrated into a ‘white’ school. The parents and children were not very kind to her and they shouted at her and held up signs as she came into school. Ruby was so brave because she continued to go to school. There was only one teacher in the school who would teach her. She was called Mrs Henry. Mrs Henry and Ruby spent months and months as just the two of them in class because no one else would join. We discussed how the children might feel about not having any friends at school to play with. A few of them thought it might be quite exciting at the beginning to have all day (including playtimes and lunch times) with their teacher, but they would miss their friends.

We have a new child joining our class at some point in the future and because we are inclusive and extremely kind here at Skyswood, we have made wonderful signs for when our new child finally joins us.

We walked around the playground with our signs and we chanted ‘Welcome to our school’ and ‘We are kind and inclusive’ and we spoke about what the word inclusive means. Our signs were the opposite of ones that Ruby Bridges would have seen. We hope that any child would be excited and feel extremely welcome when they join our class.

Our welcoming signs!
Our march around the playground. There is even a beautiful rainbow in the background.