Answers to Balderdash Quiz

Here are the answers to the Balderdash Quiz. The correct definition is shown in bold.

1. crizzled

a) When you get really anxious about a test or exam.

b) The state of a burnt steak on a barbecue

c) A rough surface, like frosted glass. *****

d) When you have a dilemma and can’t choose between two or three different options.

2. lychnobite

a) Somebody who works at night and sleeps during the day. *****

b) A fossilised fish that has been found in North America.

c) A South African paste that tastes a bit like marmite but looks like peanut butter.

d) A pungent ointment used on farms to get rid of any fleas or ticks that are living on sheep.

3. blennophobia

a) Fear of sneezing

b) Fear of paddling in cold water.

c) Fear of spiral stairs.

d) Fear of slime. *****

4. octothorpe

a) A unit for measuring the strength of underwater currents.

b) The hash symbol on your phone *****

c) A medieval eight-turreted castle.

d) A purple gemstone, found exclusively in Botswana.

5. scuppermong

a) An Asian fish, found in shallow waters and one of the main species used for sushi.

b) A cultivated variety of American grape. *****

c) A rubbery substance extracted from the Lebanese Cedar for its healing properties.

d) An Australian term for when you successfully prank somebody.

6. carriwitchet

a) A tiny green-spotted South American beetle.

b) A large basket used by fishermen to trap lobsters.

c) An absurd question. *****

d) A small, tropical fruit that is extremely sweet, like a tiny mango.

7. pogonip

a) A small, Indonesian plant with a painful sting.

b) A card game, where each King is worth twenty points and you have to avoid the Jacks.

c) Frozen fog in the valleys of Nevada or Colorado. *****

d) A warm Scandinavian scarf.

8. quipu

a) A baby chinchilla

b) A Japanese soup made of noodles and raw fish.

c) A five lined poem, where each line doubles in its use of syllables.

d) An Ancient Peruvian number system that used cords and knots. *****

9. xylivorus

a) The name given to something that eats wood. *****

b) An animal that hibernates twice a year.

c) Incredibly stretchy.

d) A carnivorous plant, such as the Venus Flytrap.

10. philtrum

a) The groove that runs down the centre of your upper lip. *****

b) A plectrum that you would use if you played the harp.

c) A substance used to clean (descale) washing machines.

d) The sting on the tail of a scorpion.

11. furcatorium

a) A tank for keeping a young bearded dragon or lizard.

b) A wish bone. *****

c) A Roman pharmacy.

d) A deadly toadstool, sometimes nicknamed ‘the ladybird’ due to its bright red and black colourings.

12. baldachin

a) A substance used in making the chalk for snooker cues.

b) A grainy bread, popular in the Ukraine.

c) A deliberate lie or deception.

d) A rich silk fabric that is used in church processions. *****

13. ozostomia

a) bad breath *****

b) sea sickness

c) a state of panic brought on by the prospect of flying

d) dizziness caused by the sight of blood.

14. yapok

a) A Maori form of self-defence.

b) A large Nigerian root vegetable.

c) A South American water-opossum. *****

d) A spice that is used commonly in traditional Thai cuisine.

15. timbromania

a) A passion for wood carvings

b) An obsession with shoes.

c) A love of drums and drumming

d) A passion for stamp collecting. *****

16. zugswang

a) A situation in a chess game where a player is forced to make a move. *****

b) A popular German beer festival, held annually in Frankfurt.

c) A tiny Ugandan four stringed instrument.

d) A star-shaped seaweed that’s found in the Black Sea.

17. tacamahac

a) A two man canoe.

b) An axe-like weapon that was used in the late Stone Age.

c) A substance used in ointments and incense. *****

d) A special rope used in sailing to tighten a sail.

18. drapetomania

a) A passion for wearing long dresses.

b) An obsession with growing long fingernails.

c) An overwhelming urge to run away from a difficult situation. *****

d) An obsession with the Northern Lights.

19. jollop

a) A thick Italian custard.

b) The cry of a turkey. *****

c) A mixture of mud and clay.

d) A fungus that attacks the silver birch.

20. sortita

a) An entrance song in an opera. *****

b) A Mexican dish that uses salted beef and hot spices.

c) A traditional Hungarian wedding dance.

d) A large, colourful Jamaican hat that protects you from the sun.