Author of the Term- Dick King-Smith

Our Author of the Term (for all children from Year R to Year 4), is Dick King-Smith. We have two competitions; One of these is to design a poster for a book launch, and the other is to write a short story based on a pet or a farm animal.

Poster Competition

Dick King-Smith was born about 100 years ago. In fact, his birthday was 27th March 1922. Imagine that there  is an Anniversary Book Launch for one of the following books;

The Hodgeheg

The Sheep Pig

The Guard Dog

The competition, and challenge, is to design a poster for a book launch based on one of these three books (You can choose from the three).

The poster should be an original design but reflect the key character within the book of your choice (so it will help you to look at the illustrations in the books, but make your poster an ‘original’, don’t just copy a picture from the book.)

The text is provided for you in the ‘poster frame’ and the challenge is to produce a wonderful illustration in the space between and around the text.

Writing Competition

Dick King-Smith was a soldier, teacher and farmer before he became a popular author. The majority of his stories feature animals, often farm animals or pets.

Our Author of the Term Writing Competition is therefore based upon a short story about a farm animal or favourite pet. Stories should be approximately 500 words and children may wish to illustrate their stories. It’s a good idea to read a couple of Dick King-Smith books so that you can become familiar with the style.

Think of something interesting that could happen to your pet, or farm animal, that would make the story fun humorous or        exciting.

Give your animal a clear character, it could be a clumsy cat, a genius guinea-pig, a forgetful rabbit, a daring goat or a mischievous sheep… If you think about your animal’s   character before you start it will help to make your story more interesting!

The competition closing date is Monday 28th March 2022, 100 years and one day after Dick King-Smith was born!