Art Club- Pavement Art!

Over the half-term, two of our former pupils (Amelie-Boo and Daisy) returned to Skyswood to inspire us with some pavement art.

During the lockdown period we have seen some very impressive pavement art, particularly in the summer months. With less than two weeks before we welcome you all back to school, we’d like to run an Art Club Competition to inspire our pupils to create some magnificent pavement art. We will provide a few prizes and every child who gives it a go will receive a pavement art certificate.

You might decide upon a picture, or a colourful pattern, or a positive message. We’ve included lots of images that might help to trigger an idea or two. Patterns could be in the form of the beautiful Indian Rangoli patterns, using shape, colour and symmetry to great effect.

Pictures could be from nature (eg flowers, trees , landscapes or animals), or they could be of your favourite superhero or cartoon character.

You might choose a favourite topic; The Planets? Dinosaurs? Or maybe a historical theme?

Please send us photographs of your pavement art; to

Here are a few tips:

Find an even slab or section of pavement (check that it’s okay with your parents to chalk on the area of your choice!)

A pair of thin gloves (such as medical gloves) may come in very handy if you want to smear or blend your coloured chalks.

Try adding a touch of water to the chalk and see if it makes a difference to the application. Amelie-Boo used a paintbrush and water to create an even spread of colour when working on one of her slabs at Skyswood.

If you haven’t got any chalks or pastels, we have created some chalk packs and you are welcome to pick up a set from the school office. The competition will run for exactly a week, with the closing date being Tuesday 2nd March.

Amelie-Boo and Daisy’s tropical sky!
Our former pupils at work!
A stunning use of contrast. Note how Amelie-Boo used the paintbrush to apply the contrasting black!
And a typically positive message from our former Skyswood stars!
Simple patterns and colours can be very effective!
Or you might opt for something more geometric?
Animals can be great fun. Birds, fish, lizards and snakes all make excellent subjects!
‘Random patterns’ are good fun. Can you spot spirals, hearts, bridges and squares in this design?
Rangoli patterns make great use of symmetry…
And pattern… And colour…
This reminds me of a colourful Kandinsky!
White can also be effective!
You could model your design on Mr Bridle, Mr Oswin or Mr Jones!
Cartoons are great fun. This one has a ‘graffiti’ style to it!
Ever wanted to capture your brother in a huge bubble?
The Planets could make a colourful theme?
We could all benefit from a positive message every now and then!
A simple colour combination (a bit like the markings of a Peacock butterfly) in a simple spiral.
A beautifully drawn Rangoli image.
Sometimes, a limited colour range adds extra impact… as with this beautiful blue and white flower!
An important message for us all!
A heart-framed message!
Swirly leaves like Van Gogh’s cypresses. Pink on one side, blue on the other.