Antics at Cuffley Camp!

Just before half term, Y6 had a fantastic day out at Cuffley Camp with a day focusing on teamwork and fun! They tried their hand at teambuilding activities, an obstacle trail and the Up & Under Course.

The teambuilding activities included: negotiating a pathway through a spiderweb of wires, without triggering the alarm; a shepherd herding a group of blindfolded ‘sheep’ using a variety of non-verbal signals; and removing a barrel ‘bomb’ from an area using just 2 ropes. They also attempted to get their whole group between a trail of tyres using a plank and rope-swing to cross ‘shark-infested waters’! The class worked really well as a team and enjoyed the range of activities.


The assault course was tackled as a team, where all members had to complete the obstacles without touching the floor. They had 2 crates to carry around with them to help cross areas between obstacles. We saw much fun being had as the class scrambled under nets, swung from monkey bars and balanced over beams, ropes and bridges!


Our final activity was the much-loved Up & Under Course. This involved a race through the forest, leaping over hurdles, squeezing between trees, under logs and negotiating tunnels and scramble nets. We returned muddy and tired after a thoroughly enjoyable day out!


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