Answers to Rainbow Quiz

My apologies for not uploading the answers on Monday! Here are the belated answers to last week’s Rainbow Quiz!





  1. Who played Dorothy and sang ‘Somewhere over the Rainbow’ in the original 1939 Wizard of Oz?

Judy Garland

  • The children’s TV programme, Rainbow, was first broadcast in 1972 and lasted 20 years, with over 1000 episodes. What was the name of the pink hippo that starred in this iconic children’s programme?


  • Which word connects rainbow with ‘golden,’ ‘brown,’ ’bull,’ and ‘California?’


  • Who is the author of the beautiful children’s book series of Rainbow Fish?

Marcus Pfister

  • Which famous artist, who produced a number of paintings with double rainbows, included a rainbow in his 1832 painting, Salisbury Cathedral in the Meadows in memory of his friend, who was Archdeacon of Salisbury Cathedral?

John Constable

  • A ‘monochrome rainbow’ is a rare meteorological occurrence where a single coloured rainbow appears in the sky. What colour is usually created in a monochrome rainbow?


  • What popular rainbow song did Peggy Lee sing in the 1955 film, Pete Kelly’s Blues?

I can sing a rainbow.

  • What was the ‘Rainbow Warrior’ and what happened to it in July 1985?

Greenpeace ship. It was bombed and sunk by the French Intelligence Services.

  • What was the name of the rock band, Rainbow’s first UK top ten single in September 1979?

Since You’ve Been Gone

  1. Where would you find the Rainbow Isles?

Otago, New Zealand.

  1. Which celebrity has a daughter named Petal Blossom Rainbow?

Jamie Oliver

  1. In Chinese mythology, the rainbow is a slit in the sky that was sealed by the Goddess Nuwa. What did Nuwa use to seal the slit?

Stones of five different colours.