Animal Learning Club: Our Final week

As it’s our final week for Animal Learning Club, this week’s learning club is based on THREE animals; Tigers, Pandas and Sloths! The maths challenge will be a variety of mathematical questions relating to these three animals, the art challenge will be on the theme of ‘hiding behind the grasses’ and the literacy challenge will be based on the style of Rudyard Kipling’s Just So stories.

Let’s start this week with the art challenge:

Choose your favourite animal out of panda, tiger or sloth. Make a painting, or a drawing that you could colour using colouring pencils, felt tips, crayons or pastels (whichever you choose). One you have your painting/picture you then stick grasses in the foreground (these could be made of coloured paper or card and trimmed to represent strands of grass.) The grass could be stuck on using PVA or pritt stick. Here are three examples, one for each animal!

The maths challenge includes maths co-ordinates questions based on tigers at Tiger Park, bamboo consumption based on six hungry pandas and sleeping times based on sloths!

Rudyard Kipling based his Just So stories on many different animals. His most famous ones include ‘How the Leopard got his Spots,’ ‘How the Camel got his Hump,’ ‘How the Elephant got his Trunk,’ and ‘How the Rhinocerous got his Skin,’ (which explores why rhinos have folds in their skin and are bad tempered!”

You could make your own title up, but here are some suggestions;

How the Tiger got his Stripes

Why the Sloths became so sleepy!

How the Panda got his two black eyes.

It would help to read some of the Just So stories to get a better idea of the genre. Think of a plan, How might a tiger get stripes? Or a Panda end up with two black eyes? Once you’ve thought of a basic plan you can start developing a plot.

The style is for a short story but the length of the story is really down to you!

Have fun.

Please send your art pictures or stories to me at

Finally, well done to those children who have found the time to have a go at some of the Animal Learning Club activities!