A Great Evening on the Beach!

An ideal evening for a trip to the local beach, Year 6 have finished the day in style enjoying a range of activities on Llandudno beach, including beach football, sand sculpting and carefully supervised paddling (although Jamie bent down to pick up an interesting stone and looked as if he’d been dipped from head to toe in the Welsh waves!)  Sandy and Zachary completed a very impressive feat of sand architecture, Charlotte and Felicity danced on the beach (whilst Maiya cartwheeled) and the group of footballing boys impressed the locals with their array of skills! It was a perfect end to a great day. The children have returned to the hostel and showered/washed as appropriate to remove varying levels of sand depending upon their chosen activities. We met up with another school on the beach (from Derby) and by an incredible co-incidence the name of their school was St Albans Primary School! Even the staff have managed to work off their roast beef dinner and the children are happily getting ready for bed. Hopefully another peaceful night and cloudless sky in the morning (although the weather forecast suggests we’ll be lucky to get another day quite like today.) Good night from everyone in Snowdonia.